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Our Recycling Services


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Rockdale Return and Earn offers a seamless container recycling service, making it easy for households, community groups, sporting groups, and businesses to participate in the container deposit scheme. Join us in reducing waste and earning rewards!

At Rockdale Return and Earn, we take recycling seriously, we can all contribute to a cleaner environment and sustainable future.

Come to our Depot at Rockdale with your collections to be processed fast and efficiently so that you can walk away with cash.

Join us in the effort to reduce plastic pollution by recycling your plastic materials at Rockdale Return and Earn. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and help conserve valuable resources.


Rockdale Return and Earn offers a 240L bin collection to households, community groups and businesses.

The initial sign up fee for your bin is $70 (which is non refundable), there is a annual service fee of $50 which is payable each year.  There are no other fees associated with this service,  you receive 10 cents per eligible container directly into your bank account within 10 business days.  Bookings are made online and you are not limited to how many collections you have, we only ask that your bin is full before booking. You may also add any extra bags to your bin booking.  We do offer an "Online booking Service" which is $5 per collection if you do not want to book yourself online.  Please see our account page to join and select the correct bin allocation.


If you do not want to have a bin or your collections are too big for bins then our bag collection service is for you.  There is a annual service fee of $50 due for all bag collections. 

We ask that before booking your bag collection you have approx at least 500 containers to ensure the cost efficiency of this service.  If you have a full truck load, even better however you do need to specifiy how big your collection is and if over 10 bags please upload a photo to your booking so that we can determine how much room is needed in the truck.  Please use strong garbage bags or similar, boxes and crates are not able to be collected due to loading and unloading in the trucks.

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